Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

  • Phone 604.792.9277 to book an intake meeting with the counsellor
  • Bring copy of Birth Certificate & Proof of residence

What is the cost?

  •  There are NO fees.

Can I graduate from the Education Centre?

  • Yes. The Education Centre provides a wide variety of Ministry and Locally approved courses for students to achieve their Dogwood Certificate or Adult Graduation.

What programs are offered at the Education Centre?

  • Look a the Alternate Programs link in this website for detailed information about the various programs for students.

Why would I want to attend the Education Centre?

  • Our school is designed to create a more flexible learning environment with added supports that are not readily available in a mainstream school. We are an alternate school that provides added services for all of our students.

What added supports are available for students?

  • Added supports are part of the fabric of the Education Centre. Please take a closer look at the Student Services link in this website for a detailed description of the services available for all students.

Can anyone attend the Education Centre?

  • No. We are not a school of choice so all of our students are referred to our school by mainstream schools or they transfer to us from alternate schools in other districts.