Creative Technology

The Creative Technology Class is designed for our hands-on learners who love to learn in a technology rich environment. The classroom teacher, Katrina leads the class through a wide variety of creative activities that focuses the students on understanding their interests and the interests of their classmates. Katrina along with the Education Assistant, Fritz, then take the talents and interests of the class to create a project-based learning environment where the students engage in rich learning experiences. The projects will range in scope and rigor, but our goal is for all projects to be a lasting memory for students. Students will work on their own project and participate in a collaborative project with a member of the class or community.

Creative Technology focuses on students taking their learning experience well beyond the walls of the classroom as they share their learning with the world and reach out to learn from and with others. Technology is one of may tools used in the classroom as the school strives to provide students with the materials that they want to use for creating. Therefore, one student could be working with Garageband for digital music while another is exploring Japanese on Google Translate and another is building a balsa wood model of a house. The projects are vast as the students take the class to a wide variety learning explorations.

Students in this class do not need to be technology experts, but they must be comfortable working with computers as this is part of the fabric of the class. Hands-on learning and working collaboratively are essential skills for the Creative Technology Class. Students should be self-motivated and resilient as embracing learning in a project-based learning environment requires creativity, a willingness to take risks, and the ability to accept constructive criticism.

Creative Technology students will be building digital portfolios to share with the world. We are looking forward to showcasing the talents of our students and connecting with others outside our community as we strive for a rich learning experience for all. Creative Technology students need to complete the Acceptable Use Agreement form that is available below before they start on their learning journey.


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