The REAL program uses an organic development framework and applies a family systems model. It seeks to develop each youth's talents and abilities as a way to grow out of crime. This is a very small class that acts as a family unit supporting each other in making healthy and safe decisions in life.

Youth and their families are engaged to accomplish their goals. Activity workers encourage family participation and will provide support and assistance to families and siblings of youth in the REAL program. Successful students will move forward in their education while learning skills for success outside of school and most importantly will build skills for healthy relationships with family members and people in our community.

Family Workers will, when providing support to the individual family members, focus the contact on providing concrete, emotional and structural support, including liaison with and referral to community agencies, personal resources, skill building and general counselling. The purpose of such intervention is to build on positive personal and family strengths, to establish greater family stability and skills and to provide longer term prevention. Such interventions will be on a select basis as identified in the initial case plan and updated case plans.


Phone Number: 604-792-6632 Loc. 105

Address: 8937 School Street 

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