Outreach Program

Outreach is an off-site program that provides supports for students who require a highly flexible program.  The Outreach class is located at the Sto:lo site in the Aboriginal Mentorship building.  The Outreach program is open to all students in School District #33.  We offer two different program at the Outreach site. 

The Outreach AM program runs from 8:40 – 11:15 every school day.  Students have the opportunity to work at their own pace on a number of ministry or locally developed courses for course completion towards one of the B.C. Secondary graduation programs.  Outreach AM students have access to a full-time teacher and two Educational Assistants. 

The Education Centre's afternoon Outreach has a focus on creating a sense of comfort and reducing anxiety for students who have previously struggled with their schooling. By creating a community environment and focusing on life skills students' can gain  a sense of success while developing experiences to prepare them for life after high school. The program has an emphasis on getting out into the community and local environment. Aiming at indigenizing curriculum and utilizing oral communication, in conjunction with adaptation of class content, students will build esteem in academic areas which previously were a source of difficulty.

Teacher: Harry_Wiens@sd33.bc.ca


Education Assistant: Peta_Hardy@sd33.bc.ca, Linda_harder@sd33.bc.ca