Applying for Financial Awards and writing Career Statements

A Step by Step guide to applying for Financial Awards and writing a Career Statement:

1) Write a career statement, the template is on this site or ask Carlene up in the Career Centre for template.

2)  Make a list of those you will ask for a letter or reference.  Be sure to select those from in school and Community.  Give potential references lots of time and make sure to ask them if they will give a GOOD reference.

3)  Come see Carlene in the Career Centre for information on financial awards you can apply for.

4)  Fill out Application form that is located on Education Centre website or talk to Carlene up in the Career Centre.

5)  Do NOT leave to the last minute.  Applying for financial awards takes a great deal of time and effort and requires you to assemble an application package of excellent quality.

A Step By Step Guide to the Financial Awards and the Career Statement

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Climate Action Notice -

The Chilliwack School District is committed to sustainability and has a Board Policy that articulates that the district and its staff have a responsibility to foster and reinforce a positive environmental ethic and stewardship. The District encourages students to be socially responsible, contributing citizens. On September 27, 2019, the global climate strike day, parents may excuse their child from class if they choose. These students will be recorded as absent and will be allowed to make up any academic work missed.