Outside Agency/Group Sessions

All students are encouraged to take advantage of the wide variety of supports available at the Education Centre.

Students are always welcome to visit our counselor, Laura MacPherson to discuss supports available on an individual basis. They can also provide information about the various group sessions available or Outside Agency Supports. 

The following Group Sessions are available at the Education Centre:

  • Horse Program - Spring time - Contact: Heather Corrigan 
  • Robertson Mentorship Group - Contact: Heather Corrigan
  • YoBro - Sean Wicker

The following Outside Agency Supports are available at the Education Centre:

  • PCRS - Reducing substance use/abuse, referrals to detox/treatment & Mental Health Support 
  • Aboriginal Youth Mental Health - Provides Outreach Support/connects students to resources
  • Ann Davis - Healthy Relationships
  • Aboriginal Mentorship Program
  • Chilliwack Hospice 
  • START Program
  • Youth Initiative - Ken Neufeld
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