Child and Youth Care Workers

We have two Child and Youth Care Workers, Heather and Carolyn who provide support for all students at the Education Centre and provide extended support for specific students who may require added services for a period of time. Flexible schedules allow them to visit students at their home if required. Our Youth Care Workers play a significant role in connecting all students to the Education Centre. There is donated clothing and food in their offices and they are always ready to provide a helping hand when a student is in need.

Information & Announcements

Climate Action Notice -

The Chilliwack School District is committed to sustainability and has a Board Policy that articulates that the district and its staff have a responsibility to foster and reinforce a positive environmental ethic and stewardship. The District encourages students to be socially responsible, contributing citizens. On September 27, 2019, the global climate strike day, parents may excuse their child from class if they choose. These students will be recorded as absent and will be allowed to make up any academic work missed.